Sunday, November 2, 2008

Tricks or Treats?

Halloween was filled with the usual activities for us-pumpkin carving, swearing at pumpkins for being too thick, getting costumes together (puppy, Harry Potter, and a pirate for 2008), making sure we had enough candy, and eventually trick or treating. We all ended up having a pretty good time overall; but parts of it were not as fun as others. Examples of the not so fun parts would be Charlie cutting his finger with the pumpkin carving tool, both kids expecting awesome pictures carved into the sides of 3" thick pumpkins, and homemade costumes (the "puppy" kept getting mistaken for a "cow" and the Harry Potter at school had an "official Harry Potter cape and light up wand that made noise"). Charlie also complained of a sore arm from having to carry home so much candy. After a handful of advil and a nice glass of wine I started feeling better...

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