Monday, February 2, 2009

10th Annual Soup Nazi Party

Mark and I hosted the 10th Annual Soup Nazi party at our house last weekend. It was also Charlie's 8th birthday! We had a lot to celebrate: our friend Andy Okapal turned 50 on Jan. 12, 2009, so we sang the birthday song several times. Terry B. made a wonderful batch of homemade bread as a tribute to his wife, Patti, who passed away on Dec. 21, 2008 after a three year battle with brain cancer. Patti always made wonderful bread 1/2 wheat 1/2 white with real Wisconsin butter! This was our first "Soup Nazi" without Patti. Her wonderful laugh and sense of humor were missed. We all tried to hold back the tears and remember the fun times with Patti. I loved getting a group photo of with Patti in it from Kelly showing our last shopping trip together in Door County, WI in Sept. 08.

There was a variety of soups this year: cream of mushroom, vegetable beef, tortilla, seafood bisque, and a seafood trio with a tomato base and Terry's homemade bread. German Chocolate Cake and smiley face cookies were served for dessert and then we all dropped into a food coma.

We enjoyed lots of laughs before dinner while we played "Andy Trivia". Gifts were awarded! Dr. Baxter was the big winner-knowing the most facts about Andy's 50 years.

We capped off the evening by watching one of the seventh season episodes of Seinfeld: Soup Nazi.

It was great to have everyone visit-thanks for making the trip to Iowa.

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Kirsten W. said...

Happy Bday, Charlie! Sounds like a great idea for a party! We love that episode. Sorry for the loss of your friend :(