Friday, September 14, 2012

{Project Idea} Thank-you Christmas Stocking Stuffer

Recently a friend of mine visited from Wisconsin. She works in an office and was given an adorable "Thank You" gift at her office from one of their clients. Once I saw it i knew I had to scrap lift it! Here's a peak at the project:
Here's a side view:
Do you see the mini-size hand sanitizer? I was able to pick up several for only $1 each recently. So keep your eyes peeled for mini-hand sanitizers and grab a bunch so you can copy the idea too.
Here's How:
  • Begin by measuring the bottle.
  •  Use a piece of ribbon or string to measure the front, bottom, back of the container and then add on at least one inch to the height on either end of the ribbon. Mine ended up being 10" long.
  •  Next measure the width of the container. Mine was 2" wide. So, if you had my container for example you will need to cut a piece of paper 2" wide by 10" long.
  • Use a scoring tool to create the boxed bottom (mine was about an inch wide).
  • Grab a flower punch and punch papers to create layered flowers.
  •  Stamp sentiment or use stickers in center of flowers.
  • Tie a ribbon around paper and bottle to secure your "wrap" around the hand sanitizer bottle.
Don't forget to decorate the back side too so that's it's pretty from every angle!

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