Sunday, September 7, 2008

Treasure Hunt

While most of the town tuned in or attended the Hawkeye Game, Angie Ward and I took a little trip down the road to a local antique store named Sisters and another named Blooms and a third named the Rug Cottage. We had a great day discovering all sorts of treasures. Here's one: Cavallini is a company that is none for its calendars. They also make great wrapping paper, cards, tags, stickers, etc. I fell in love with their products yesterday. I am hoping to get some more tags and stickers to use in kits for the November release by Sweet Tooth!! Ironically, when I got home I realized I already had some of their home decor items. I took this as a sign... I know you will love them as much as I do. Sisters and Blooms also had a ton of handmade soaps. I think my favorite was Milk and Honey. I purchased some awesome egg shaped soaps for my mom. I think they are really fun.

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angela said...

it was so awesome - i loved finding all sorts of unique treasures!