Friday, February 3, 2012

{Step-by-Step} Create Desk top Delights using Nikki Sivils Beatrice the Beaver papers and Cut-ups!

Ever wish your day at work would just end so you could go home and scrapbook & create? Yeah, me too. Well, maybe these fun desk top office supplies will help make your time at "the office" fly by a little faster. I've used an acrylic frame to hold my Post-It notes, a clip board has been jazzed up, and I even have a fun pocket-sized notepad to jot down my "to do" list for the day (it's refillable too).

Hi, it's Shelly here, with a quick and easy Step-by-Step for fun additions to your space at work.
Check it out:
 Want to make a set too?

Simply collect the following items and then follow along:
1 4x6 acrylic frame
1 Post-It notepad
1.5' of ribbon
1 small clipboard
3 sheets of patterned paper
1 piece of chipboard (you will need two pieces about 4x6" or a bit larger)
1 fun die about 4x6"
2 jump rings
10-15 pages ripped out of a notebook from your son or daughter's backpack

Step 1: Create the Post-It note holder by cutting a piece of patterned paper into a 4x6" section and sliding the piece into the acrylic frame upside down.

Step 2: Tie a 1.5' piece of ribbon around the "top" of the frame (this is what would normally be the bottom). Add a tag to the ribbon and tie the ribbon into an adorable bow. 
Step 3: Attach a Post-It notepad to the upper section of the frame.
Step 4: Create the clipboard by choosing two matching pieces of patterned paper and tracing around the outside of the clipboard. Cut on the traced lines
Step 5: Place adhesive around the outer edges of the clipboard and place the patterned paper onto both sides of the clipboard. You will have to cut out around the clamp on the front. 
Step 6: Sand the front and back edges of the clipboard to remove and uneven or jagged edges.
Step 7: Create the pocket sized notebook by using a 4x6 mat die or just cutting the chipboard into a 4x6 rectangle. Cut the notebook paper using the same die.

Step 8: Cut two 4x6 pieces from patterned paper using the same die again (or by just cutting into a 4x6 shape).
Step 9: The chipboard will be the front and back covers of the notepad. Adhere the patterned papers onto the front and back pieces of the chipboard. Stack the front, inside pages, and back cover and use a Crop-a-Dile to punch holes through all layers.

Step 10: Place the two jump rings in the top (or side) of the notepad. To refill the notepad simply die cut more notebook pages and insert into the notepad.
Step 11: Take the project(s) to work with you tomorrow and enjoy!

Papers: Nikki Sivils Beatrice the Beaver paper and cut-upsBazzill
Embellishments: ribbonjump rings
Other items: Acrylic frame, small clipboard, chipboard from packaging (re-purposed). 

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