Friday, July 20, 2012

{Sale} Copic Markers $5.99!!!

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Copic Markers are alcohol-based markers that become acid free as soon as the alcohol dries. The thing that makes them different from water based markers is that they don't tear up the surface of the paper as you layer one color on top of another. This does happen with water based markers. Layering the colors is what will give your stamped image those awesome shaded areas!
Copic markers are available is several different types (Sketch, Copic, and Ciao among others). The difference between these types is the number of colors they are available in (The Sketch Marker is available in 358 colors, the Copic Marker comes in  214 colors, and the Ciao is available in 180 colors), their airbrush compatibility, nib types that you can use in them, and ink capacity in the barrel of the marker.

The Ciao Markers hold the least amount of ink and therefore are usually a little less expensive then the others. The Copic has the most nib choices. All markers are refilled with the same type of ink. Refills are available so NEVER through away your Copic Makers!!!
All Copic markers are labeled with embedded information so it will never rub off!

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Copic Markes on Sale

July 20, 2012-July 27, 2012 

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